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MRI scan

MRI scans are increasingly being used to establish a diagnosis. The MRI is known for being a very safe method of examination. The MRI Centrum make MRI scans of different parts of the body, for instance the head, neck, back, shoulder, wrist/hand, knee and ankle/foot.  

Below you will find all necessary information about the MRI scan. You will be informed about how to prepare and what to expect during the scan, in which cases you cannot undergo an MRI scan, and when a contrast agent may be used. 



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 Referral information for doctors only

Make an appointment

Making an appointment for an MRI scan at the MRI Centrum can only be provided with your doctor's referral form, which includes your complaints and the question. 




STEP 1    letter of referral

Your doctor will send the form for your MRI exam to the MRI Centrum. Did the doctor give you the form or the letter of referral? Then please send it to us by e-mail to afspraak@mricentrum.nl.

Step 2    Appointment

As soon as the MRI Centrum has received the referral, you will be contacted by us as soon as possible to make an appointment at the nearest MRI Centrum.  

STEP 3    confirmation letter

By mail or e-mail you will receive a confirmation with information and route.




Using the form below, you can easily refer a patient to us online. You will receive a copy of the referral at the e-mail address you provide. Alternatively, you can fill out a form and send it by e-mail to: afspraak@mricentrum.nl.

Your patient will usually be called within 2 day for an appointment at the nearest MRI Centrum. If we cannot reach your patient, they can contact us by calling 0880 8888 88. Your patient will receive an appointment confirmation with further information.


Online referral form


How exactly do you prepare for an MRI scan? That is quite simple, though there are a few important things to think about. Be sure to bring a valid ID


Bring sweatpants (without metal buttons or zippers) and a T-shirt or pyjamas with you to comfortably lie down and avoid skin-on-skin contact. If you are coming in for an MRI shoulder scan with contrast, then we advise you to bring a sleeveless shirt to make administering the contrast easier.


All metal materials, or materials including metals, such as jewellery, phones, glasses, coins, keys, watches, ATM-cards, dentures and hearing aids may not enter the MRI room. Precious metal, in limited quantity, is usually not a problem.


For undergoing an MRI scan, there are certain contra-indications. Do you, for example, have a metal splinter in your eye that has not been completely removed by a doctor? Then this is a contra-indication. Your referring physician will take this into account. Unfortunately, if you have a pacemaker or ICD, we cannot help you. 

contrast agent

With some MRI scans it is necessary to apply contrast. If this is the case, this will be discussed with you when making the appointment. We use the contrast agent Gadovist. Gadovist is a safe and widely used contrast agent in healthcare. 


Only if you are getting an MRI of the upper abdomen / liver (MRI Abdomen / MRCP), you should not eat anything beforehand. If the scan takes place in the morning, we ask you to arrive with an empty stomach. If the scan takes place after 12.00 p.m., you can have a light breakfast. No restrictions apply to the other scans.


If you come for a head scan, we ask that you do not wear eye makeup because some may contain metal particles. This does not apply to permanent makeup.



Things to consider to make the scan go as smooth as possible



The MRI device is a kind of tunnel that is open at the front and back. If you think that you will have trouble lying in the scanner, please inform us in advance. For some tests, e.g. knee or ankle examinations, we can put you in the scanner in a way that will keep your head out of the tunnel. Our technicians are very experienced in helping people who suffer from claustrophobia. In general, they are able to provide you with sufficient reassurance to allow the MRI scan to take place. If you are suffering from severe claustrophobia, we recommend that you ask your doctor for a sedative and take it one hour in advance.


Of course, you may take someone along to accompany you or keep you company. However, given the limited space in our waiting room, we ask you to limit this to one person. This person is expected to stay in the waiting room while you are undergoing the exam.


We appreciate it if you arrive on time, as we work on a tight schedule. We will do everything within our power to ensure that your appointment takes place at the scheduled time. Because we pay close attention to the quality of the exam, it may take a little longer than initially indicated. As a result, waiting time in the waiting room can increase slightly. The receptionist will inform you of this. We ask you for your understanding.

We ask that you to arrive 15 minutes prior to the exam to fill in a questionnaire. If you are late or unable to attend the appointment, please contact us. If a delay is not communicated in a timely fashion, or if an appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, the MRI Centrum is required to change the appointment and charge a fee.


During MRI scan

We ask that you to arrive 15 minutes prior to the exam to fill in a questionnaire. The exam usually takes between 20 and 45 minutes, depending on the type of scan. The MRI scan proceeds as follows:



Please report to the reception upon arrival. You will then receive a short and simple questionnaire, after which you may take a seat in our waiting room. There you can fill in the questionnaire while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.



When it is time for your exam, the technician will call you and show you to the changing room where you can get changed. There you can change into sweatpants, T-shirt or pyjamas (or in the case of a shoulder scan with contrast, a sleeveless shirt).



The technician will then show you to the MRI room. If you still have any questions or concerns about the exam, you can discuss them with the technician. You will receive earphones and noise cancelling headphones with your choice of music.


THe scan

You will be asked to lie down on a table, which is then slowly slid into the scanner's 'tunnel'. The scanner is open at the front and the back. It is important that you lie as still as possible during the exam.



During the scan, you will hear a series of loud knocking or ticking noises. This is not always pleasant, but it is part of the MRI scan and is normal. That is why you are provided with hearing protection. Click here for a sense of the sound of the MRI scan (Turn the volume up for a realistic sound).


THE technician 

During the scan, the technician will be outside of the room, but will be able to see you the whole time. Through the intercom, the technician will give you the necessary instructions. If necessary, you can communicate with the technician through a squeezable ball.



For some exams, it is necessary to administer a contrast agent by means of an arm IV. This depends on the type of exam. Usually this is communicated when scheduling the appointment. The contrast agent ensures that the area that needs to be scanned, becomes more visible. The contrast agent that is used, is a non-iodinated contrast agent that is administered through an injection in your arm. If you suffer from severe allergies, please report this in advance.

Images & results


The images will be analysed by a radiologist of the MRI Centrum, who will write a report of his/her findings. This report will then, together with the images, be sent to your doctor within 1 to 3 working days. In case of emergency, the results will of course be reported as soon as possible and sent to your referring doctor. In case of serious unexpected anomaly, we will contact your doctor immediately.


Your own doctor will base his diagnosis on the report with the findings of the radiologist. After all, your doctor is fully aware of your medical record and personal situation and can place the MRI information in the correct context. Based on this, your doctor will determine the final diagnosis. The MRI Centrum's radiologist or technician will not report to you on the findings of the MRI exam. Any questions related to the report should also be discussed with your doctor. Your doctor may then contact our radiologist.


If you as a patient want a copy of the images on CD ROM, this can be arranged for 17 euros. You can inform the receptionist before your scan, but you also have the option to purchase a CD ROM later. Please contact us.


The MRI Centrum places patient satisfaction in high regard. Your opinion is therefore very important to us. To evaluate patient satisfaction, you will receive a patient survey after your MRI exam. In it, you can give your opinion about our service and make suggestions for improvements. For us, these results are very valuable to keep improving our quality.

In addition, you can always leave comments with one of our employees at the different locations. You can also send this to info@mricentrum.nl or call our general telephone number 0880 8888 88. Complaints can be reported at klachten@mricentrum.nl.