prof.dr. R.A. Manoliu



1964: Physician degree at the Faculty of General Medicine of the Medico-pharmaceutiscal Institute (now Medical and Pharmaceutical University “Carol Davilla”)  in Bucharest.
1969: Certified as specialist in radiology after residency in the University Hospital “Carol Davilla” Bucharest.
1973: Dutch certification as specialist in radiology in 1973 after residency in the Academic Hospital “Wilhelmina Gasthuis” in Amsterdam.
1988: PhD degree at the University of Leiden: ‘Radiologic contributions to the diagnosis of  infravesical obstruction in adult men. An urodynamic interpretation of the micturition  cystourethrography’

Professional career

1969-1971: radiologist in the Polyclinic of the University Hospital “Brancovan” in Boekarest
1971-1973: resident in the Department of  Radiology of the Academic Hospital “Wilhelmina Gasthuis” in Amsterdam.
1973-1978: Senior research fellow (“wetenschappelijk hoofdmedewerker”) in the Department of Radiology Academic Hospital Leiden, in charge of the radiological section of the surgical clinics (“Onderafdeling Röntgen Heelkunde”).
1976: Stage of osteo-articulair radiology in Royal Orthopedic Infirmary London
1978-1996: Radiologist in the Medical Centre in Alkmaar.
1996-2006: Professor and chairman of the department of Radiology  Vrije Universiteit medical centre Amsterdam.
2006-to the present: radiologist MRI Centrum Amsterdam

Scientific activity

Some 120 articles, presentations, posters,  PhD promotor, copromotor and member of PhD boards.

Professional track

1992-1996: Chief of residency training in radiology Medical Centre Alkmaar
1996-2006: Chief of residency training in radiology Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
1988-1997: Chairman of the Commission of quality of radiological practice of the Dutch Society of Radiology
1992- 1997: Member of the board of the Dutch Society of Interventional radiology
1991-1997: Member of the board, Commission of professional issues of the Dutch Society of Radiology
1989-1997: Member of the scientific board of CBO (“Quality Organ of Dutch health care”)
1996-1997: Member of panel , Dutch consensus “Guidelines in specialist health care “.

Membership of scientific societies
  • Dutch Society of Radiology
  • European Society of Radiology
  • RSNA
  • ARRS
  • Honorary member of the Romanian Society of radiology and medical imaging.
  • Honorary president of the Romanian Society  of the Romanian Society of  Magnetisc Resonance Imaging in Medicine in Geneeskunde
  • Honorary president of the Romanian Society of Musculo- Skeletal Radiology

1999: “ Honorary Professor of Radiology” Medical-Pharmaceutiscal University “Carol Davilla”  Boekarest.
2008: Doctor honoris causa, University of Timisoara


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